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The Workshop: Activities

The Workshop West

14a Stenson Street





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The Workshop North

57 Thrift Street

Wollaston NN297QJ



Below is just an example of what we do, Please call or visit to see how a real day-service is run.

Carpenter at Work


Stay Active

Woodwork is a great skill to learn. From sanding to cutting we have the skills and equipment to support anyone with mixed abilities to produce good quality pieces.

Where else would you find CNC machines to use and lasercutting machines all under one roof for the use of all that attend plus all of the hand tools and skills.


Arts & Crafts

Stay Fresh

There’s probably no activity that gets our blood pumping and faces grinning quite like Arts & Crafts. Live on the adventurous side and join fellow community members in our Arts & Crafts programs for all levels. We’re sure you’ll love it, learn something new, and definitely make some new friends in the process.


Stay Sharp

Making friends and socialising is one of the more classic activities available at Support 4 Independence Ltd, but also an undisputed favorite. Our group and their visitors all love participating in this exciting activity whenever it’s scheduled. If you’re looking for a chance to meet new friends while having a great time, then come on and start making friends.



Stay Active

Whether your a beginner or would like to learn more advanced skills. We will design the cooking around the individual and help you to work towards food safety levels 2 and 3 and produce a step by step information book for all your creations.

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Listen, Create

We have a recording studio, musical instruments, DJ kit and all the software you can imagine to produce music, record songs and over 1000 CD's to listen too. With wireless headphones you can have a silent disco whilst doing your daily activities. Don't forget Karaoke and our very own Laser Harp which you wont find anywhere else.

Minecraft Animation


Stay Focussed

From stick men and Flip books to Wallace and Gromit style animation to fully loaded cartoons. Magna cartoons and designing 3D animated mini films. With time and patience you can learn and do.

Reading & Writing


A real skill that everyone likes to achieve their potential on. With all the books, software and interactive screens to use as tools we will get you moving forward with these key skills

Vintage Bookstore



Pottery is relaxing although messy. With our professional pottery wheel, Kiln and all the tools you need and a sprinkle of imagination we will help you produce fun and useful projects. From earth-ware clay to air dry clay you wont run out of ideas.

Working on a Pottery Wheel
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